“Moving Forward With The Rhythm Of Life” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

November 11, 2009

get-past-blockWe feel the season’s air change, we see fashion and merchandise trends come and go.  Throughout history, politicians have basically sung the same song, and made the same promises, and manipulated the public as they always have.  But somehow we don’t connect any of the rhythms of life throughout history to our own personal life.   We can’t control others, nor change what will appear in the history books, but we can be aware of the cycles in our personal life, if we stop and reflect.  We can take charge and prepare for what others in the world have set on the stage for us. 

 Many philosophies and religions recognize the importance of seven year cycles. This seven year cycle appears to represent a natural rhythm in human lives. When we move in tune with our natural rhythms we feel good and tend to progress. When we oppose our nature, it appears that in some fashion we come to a stop. Now is the time to look closely at the patterns in our past to see what we have done correctly, and what now appears to have been mistakes, actions, and thinking that went against the flow of the world. CHANGE always starts with thinking – think about it !

 New York Times excerpt from the article “Broader Measure of Unemployment Stands at 17.5%” by  David  Leonhardt explains:   For all the pain caused by the Great Recession, the job market still was not in as bad shape as it had been during the depths of the early 1980s recession — until now.

 The broadest measure of unemployment and underemployment tracked by the Labor Department has reached its highest level in decades. If statistics went back so far, the measure would almost certainly be at its highest level since the Great Depression.  In all, more than one out of every six workers — 17.5 percent — were unemployed or underemployed in October. The previous recorded high was 17.1 percent, in December 1982.

 Nothing is carved in stone, except on a tombstone, and since you are still breathing, you are able to move from this point forward.  The unemployment rate is 17.5 percent, but those maybe people who have not evaluated their self worth properly. They maybe people who don’t understand that every human has worth and brings value to the table to benefit others.  It is a matter of recognizing that value and promoting it in the mainstream of life amongst people who will appreciate what you have to offer.

 Debt, credit and home ownership challenges are met with solutions when people realize all matters connected to money come back to priorities.  Each individual’s self worth determines, not only the path taken in all cycles of life, also determining the quality in which it is traveled.    

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