“The Holidays – A Time To Get Creative” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

December 6, 2009

Making the most of what you have applies to the basic principles of money management, but it also applies to sharing the holidays in a special way that creates memories simply by making the most of what we have.

Bringing a smile, a twinkle in the eye, a joy to the heart is not always about money, but the utilization of time, talent and consideration of others. Each year readers write in about what they have done at the holidays, simple yet effective when it came to making the season special.

Saving money can sometimes be felt through more efficient time management in a very hectic season. Taking out one box of decorations at a time, decorating a little each day is much easier for a working mom who has limited time.

One family’s creativity figured out a way to keep toddlers out of harms way of a Christmas tree tumbling down and to keep the ornaments still hanging on the tree. Once the storage tubs were emptied of Christmas decorations, they put something heavy inside the container, gift wrapped them to look like presents and placed them in front of the tree so little prying hands couldn’t reach the tree or the ornaments.

For the cook, starting with the Thanksgiving food shopping specials, buying ingredients for special dishes / cookies / desserts a little each trip to the grocery is easier and saves money rather than making a large purchase all at once.

A grandmother with grandchildren, and great grandchildren came up with a way to clean out her antiques and collectables. She gift wraps her ‘heirlooms’ and put them under the tree as a special gift along with her new gifts to them.

One lady used inexpensive plastic holiday tablecloths for wrapping large gifts. Another purchased holiday material and sewed huge bags for her large gifts and they were re-used the following year. I thought the idea of purchasing an inexpensive nativity scene for the children to play with so the special displayed one would go untouched by the little hands.

I really liked the idea of paying ahead for the elderly as gifts, such as paying in advance cable television for so many months, or having the bill forwarded to you. Another was paying for beauty treatments at the nursing home as many have beauty shops on the property.

Another wrote in that rather than spend time and money on gifts to have a celebration dinner together. And of course for the hard to please teen who already has everything, gift cards from their favorite store. They could be as little as $5 each, they will love getting to choose what they want. 

Spectrum Resources mission is to help you learn how to live inside your income. Creativity is a fun way to enter the world of personal money management.

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“HOW TO Conquer The Spending Urge” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

December 1, 2009


 Get ready, get set GO ! You charge ahead into the stores staged for your arrival. You charge up the aisles one by one in search of THE right gift.  You charge through the crowds with determination to get that last special item on the shelf before anyone else grabs it.  You get to the cashier and in a breathless whisper, using what energy you have left, once again, you charge your purchases.  WHY do you do that ? 

 It’s a psychological warfare and you have just lost.  In today’s economy, believe me this is not a game it is warfare.  The manufacturers, retailers, lenders, and bankers are ALL counting on your weakness to buy !  Buy ! Buy !

 The good news you can conquer the spending urge.  Set your strategy to win.  Structure a plan by knowing who you are going to buy for and exactly how much you can afford to spend on each person.  You know your weaknesses, so prepare guards to protect yourself.  Use a detailed check list, have a system in place to keep you in control of your decisions.

Use ONLY CASH, and leave credit cards at home frozen in a glass of water.  IF you insist on using your debit card remember to keep it inside your check register to document each transaction.

 Right up front, do not spend money on wasteful things.  Don’t buy poinsettias or mini pine trees to decorate your house if you don’t have a green thumb to keep them alive.  Forget the ‘traditional’ food like fruitcake, eggnog, fancy nuts or peppermint candy if no one likes it.   Buy a little less than what you think you need, everyone is eating holiday foods, and are trying to cut back on consumption.  From the office parties, church functions, neighborhood gatherings, social functions, all of which are serving extra food, so cut back on the amount, offer smaller amounts in a wider variety.

Conquer the Mall by shopping alone unless you’re just browsing.  Make major purchases before the stampede. Don’t go on crowded weekends when you’re bound to become to frustrated to bargain hunt. You will end up buying just anything to get the chore out of the way. 

 Wait until AFTER Christmas to buy items you spot that you want for yourself. And take a special envelope with you to put all receipts in while shopping, this way they won’t get lost shuffling the bags, you know there is always a need to return something. Plus, you will have to match your receipts to your check register, or worse to your credit card statement when it comes in.

 Shop AFTER Christmas for stocking stuffers, greeting cards, decorations, and ‘Thank You Gifts” for your staff, postman, and service people. Use savings to pay down principal of debts.    

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“Growing Your Own Money Tree” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

November 3, 2009

0_9234I just got off the phone with a local college establishing scheduled classes to teach “DAILY Personal Money Management” . The request came from the demand of students for education in how to live paycheck to paycheck.

 The college was not looking for a financial advisor who is trained in long term investments, stock portfolios, and retirement planning. The need of the college students of all ages and economic ranges is education on surviving today !

 Today, I also visited a site I had not been to in a long time and I suggest that you visit it as well, http://www.Entrepreneur.com WOW! Their library of services has really expanded ! I phoned and talked to a service representative requesting information and commenting on the growth of the company. She told me that the economy was driving the demand for more information on ‘HOW TO’ best utilize what skills, interest and abilities they have to survive.

‘Survival’ is in fashion, and the time has come to grow your money tree, to focus on what you can control. Obviously, no one in Washington is calling daily to ask your opinion, and heaven only knows who Wall Street gurus are calling. Bottom line, if you cannot control what happens elsewhere, it is time to take control of your own actions and do it on a DAILY basis !

 If you can make money from your own personal special talent, interest or skill, then you can generate your own little economic engine…grow your own money tree!

 When you buy merchandise or services to serve your business, that means you will be stimulating economic growth as your vendors get paid. Then you will potentially need employees to fulfill your orders or assist you in your services, that creates payroll. Producing jobs and wages for employees to spend is investing more into your local economy. “What goes around comes around.”

 Now, you have a money tree growing that many people will be able to enjoy the fruit from your creation. You can change the economic climate if you focus on you and what you can control.

Visit the Entrepreneur website, I found where they had a wonderful FREE bookstore and you pay $39 for shipment of 10 books. I have never found anyone with a wider assortment of information on opportunities and options than Entrepreneur. Also check with your local college for ‘Community Classes’ like the one I will be teaching, again, resources that will empower you to become the best you can be.

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“Care Giving – Where Heroes Meet Angels” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

October 30, 2009

liberty-lady_eagle_flagYou know, sometimes we don’t notice silent messages being sent to us, and it takes a slap up side the head to get our attention. But even for a Senior Blonde, the light came on and as a messenger, obviously I was to convey to others more on the topic of ‘Care giving’.  The following incidents is how it was unfolded to me, and if you ‘get it’ as well, then pass it on.

First I was invited to be a speaker at the Polk County Florida ‘Caregiver’ Organization, then the next day I attended a Veterans Job Fair.  There I talked to an old acquaintance who ask me to sign a Christmas greeting card that they personally hand out in the hospitals at the holidays.  His comment, filled with compassion and much sincerity was that in his physical condition he could do little to help others as a ‘caregiver’, however, he could gather signatures from the many who do care about Veterans and can hand delivery the cards to them.

With thoughts of this disabled Vet still in my mind,  across from me was a young lady filled with energy and enthusiasm caught my attention as well as others as she spoke about a wonderful new Veteran’s program.  The program that excited her is the “VA MEDICAL FOSTER CARE Where Heroes Meet Angels !”   This is a new home based primary care program that is giving new meaning to ‘care giving’.

This is a program that allows the Veteran to be included in decision-making inside a home, but yet receive 24 hour supervision, experience a flexible daily routine, have a private or semi-private room.  A Veteran is surrounded by ‘caregivers’ whom the Veteran can have a family type relationship in a home setting that is stable and safe.  There is also the possibility of keeping pets which I thought was like the cherry on top of a special treat.

The VA Medical Foster Case is an alternative to long term care or a nursing home placement, especially for dependent, chronically or terminally ill Veterans with limited family support.  The care is less costly for the Veteran or the family.  The Veteran’s VA pension maybe maximized, if eligible.  There is also a ‘Community Based Living Option’ for Veterans who cannot live independently due to functional, cognitive or psychosocial impairment.

Care giving in any form is priceless, going beyond the expectations of human relationships. Giving unselfishly to others is not new, but this program is new and it needs your help in getting the word out. Our Veterans deserve the protection, personal care, and assistance delivered with warmth and appreciation as they have unselfishly given to all Americans. For more information about the “VA MEDICAL FOSTER CARE’ contact the Medical Foster Home Coordinator Felicia Santos, LMSW (813)903-3611 .  A home heals many wounds especially when filled with caring people.  Debt, and credit issues can be put into perspective when aligned with giving back to a Veteran who has given so much to us.                                                                                498

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“Hook, Line And Sinker !” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

October 7, 2009

money You have posted a resume online, and now you are bombarded with offers. Wow what luck !  And they all offer such big pay for working at home !.  Why has Americans gone off to some stale office when so much money can be made from home ?  Well, that question came to my mind and peaked my interest wondering how many people desperate for added income would bite on these hooks. So I posted my resume online to see if I could catch a crook.

 Exploring the possibilities, one has to use logic and  common sense  determining what is real . “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t !”  After posting my resume, in one day, I got in 15 offers and they all had a different twist to the same basic theme.  I will hire you to do what ever, send you upfront X amount of dollars that you should deposit while waiting for further instructions, or my favorite is, to contact them as soon as the money is deposited.

Even though I had posted my resume, each one wanted basically the same additional information which tells you that it is a form letter.  Not a well written one at that.  Usually all the letters contained words spelled wrong or poor English.  Even though I had requested formal information that would be normally offered in legitimate job offers, no information requested was ever received by me.  Just as promised, I received a check for $2800 to forward mail from my home.

 Yes, me, a total stranger was mailed a $2,850. check. Now who would be that silly logically ?  Even though he explained it thoroughly, his story lacked logic. The post master and banker are aware of these offers almost daily. Sadly after someone has lost money due to believing in them.  

 I contacted the local police, and the post master who copied all correspondence, my first check and the envelope it came in and filed a complaint that will go to the FBI..  Then I went to the bank and filed a report with them before I deposited the check.  It was held for 11 days before clearing.   Can you believe it -the check bounced and was stamped COUNTERFEIT ! The NY employer before the required 11 days for clearance, emailed me again to find out if the check cleared.  I apparently blew my undercover status when I told him that it was counterfeit. I really doubt that he will email me again.

 My point of this expo was as an alert to know that as good as it sounds, logic must prevail. As tempting as it seems, NO ONE is going to trust a total stranger with any amount of money these days. They use counterfeit checks, counterfeit money orders, both look like the real thing, but stop and ask yourself WHY would anyone really send a stranger REAL money ?

 Just like in any sport fishing event, they used different methods , angles and bait to attract the fish.  It’s a numbers game, so the fish don’t even have to be big ones, just gullible.  The methods used are simply amazing as a hook and line, but the sinker is there if you bite.  Beware – they are out to catch you !  

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“Cashing In On Your Talent” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

October 4, 2009

piece of puzzleYou are aware of the high 10% unemployment nationally but here is what you can do about your personal financial crises.   The commercials sing that it is time to think beyond the money, and think about personal values. As further support, found in an investment article a current trend referred to  P I E C  =  (Personal Income Earning Corridor). Basically cashing in on your personal talents using the following keys: 

               1.  Doing what you like.

               2  Act beyond money.

              3.  Work with like minded souls.

These three elements encourage self evaluation. If your household budget reflects a need for additional income, use a smart strategy, re-prioritize your goals to put more value on your happiness, and work with other people who hold the same interest and values that you do. 

If you have identified skills, special interest, hobbies, or talents that can be turned into a service business such as: photography, sewing / alterations, spots, woodworking, auto care, decorating, crafts, artistic,  being a handyman/woman, music or acting, tutoring, or even teaching a foreign language you are closer to the extra income you want and need.  

Keep your options open with business services that don’t need any special skills or talents for but are needed such as: housecleaning, house sitting, pet walking or pet setting, driving services, lawn or garden care, child or senior setting.  A consigner service could be running errands, shopping, standing in line to buy theater tickets, picking up dry cleaning, or whatever.

 A business plan will allow you to think through the necessary legal steps to establish your business, a marketing plan and a budget using examples online.  You will need to secure outside services of a bookkeeper, insurance and bonding service, and perhaps an attorney. 

Network  with like minded people in the selected market and you will cultivate and build a business that will enable you to cash in on your talents !

Spectrum Resources is holding a contest, we are looking for your best money saving tip. Simply write in what method of saving has worked for you in our comment box. The best tip will be posted in all four blogs, and you will receive FREE two hours of counseling over issues pertaining to debt, credit or home ownership. PLUS you will receive a FREE personally autographed book titled “Hey! Where’s My Money ?” by local author Janet Shore.


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“There Is A Plan” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

September 25, 2009

HELP buttonYes, you know there must be a check list available for you to reach your financial goals, and you are correct !   Even though you feel you have a handle on this money management thing, you find yourself wondering if there is something you may have overlooked.

Please follow all our blogs listed below, because each contains different lessons, and each one designed to help structure a plan to achieve your financial goals.

 • First and foremost there has to be COMMITMENT TO CHANGE

Second, ‘to thine ownself be true’ assess your financial situation.

Third, is getting organized entails knowing what to keep and what to pitch. By documenting and getting rid of clutter, you can stay focused.

Fourth, is taking the organization thing a step further with assigned task, exact deadlines, methods for tracking, storing and documenting.

Fifth is knowing who and what you are up against in your credit world. That means you must pull all three credit reports and credit scores. This is your gauge of action. The higher the score the more you save. The greater your opportunities for success in your home, personal and work. Again, you must clear out the clutter, and focus on your goals.

 • Sixth, but setting your priorities, you will become a much better decision maker, and a more efficient money manager. It’s not about how much money you have, it’s about what you do with the amount of money you have that makes the difference.

Seventh, by identify what you have to work with, your assets, setting your goals, re-assessing your priorities, cleaning up your credit, you have identified your starting point and your end goal realistically.

This list could be even longer, and each point is covered in more detail throughout our lessons, so please come back often, your comments and questions are appreciated.

Check out our other blogs for more lessons that can make a positive difference. ‘The more you know, the further your money will go.’ 

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