“Care Giving – Where Heroes Meet Angels” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

October 30, 2009

liberty-lady_eagle_flagYou know, sometimes we don’t notice silent messages being sent to us, and it takes a slap up side the head to get our attention. But even for a Senior Blonde, the light came on and as a messenger, obviously I was to convey to others more on the topic of ‘Care giving’.  The following incidents is how it was unfolded to me, and if you ‘get it’ as well, then pass it on.

First I was invited to be a speaker at the Polk County Florida ‘Caregiver’ Organization, then the next day I attended a Veterans Job Fair.  There I talked to an old acquaintance who ask me to sign a Christmas greeting card that they personally hand out in the hospitals at the holidays.  His comment, filled with compassion and much sincerity was that in his physical condition he could do little to help others as a ‘caregiver’, however, he could gather signatures from the many who do care about Veterans and can hand delivery the cards to them.

With thoughts of this disabled Vet still in my mind,  across from me was a young lady filled with energy and enthusiasm caught my attention as well as others as she spoke about a wonderful new Veteran’s program.  The program that excited her is the “VA MEDICAL FOSTER CARE Where Heroes Meet Angels !”   This is a new home based primary care program that is giving new meaning to ‘care giving’.

This is a program that allows the Veteran to be included in decision-making inside a home, but yet receive 24 hour supervision, experience a flexible daily routine, have a private or semi-private room.  A Veteran is surrounded by ‘caregivers’ whom the Veteran can have a family type relationship in a home setting that is stable and safe.  There is also the possibility of keeping pets which I thought was like the cherry on top of a special treat.

The VA Medical Foster Case is an alternative to long term care or a nursing home placement, especially for dependent, chronically or terminally ill Veterans with limited family support.  The care is less costly for the Veteran or the family.  The Veteran’s VA pension maybe maximized, if eligible.  There is also a ‘Community Based Living Option’ for Veterans who cannot live independently due to functional, cognitive or psychosocial impairment.

Care giving in any form is priceless, going beyond the expectations of human relationships. Giving unselfishly to others is not new, but this program is new and it needs your help in getting the word out. Our Veterans deserve the protection, personal care, and assistance delivered with warmth and appreciation as they have unselfishly given to all Americans. For more information about the “VA MEDICAL FOSTER CARE’ contact the Medical Foster Home Coordinator Felicia Santos, LMSW (813)903-3611 .  A home heals many wounds especially when filled with caring people.  Debt, and credit issues can be put into perspective when aligned with giving back to a Veteran who has given so much to us.                                                                                498

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