“Growing Your Own Money Tree” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

0_9234I just got off the phone with a local college establishing scheduled classes to teach “DAILY Personal Money Management” . The request came from the demand of students for education in how to live paycheck to paycheck.

 The college was not looking for a financial advisor who is trained in long term investments, stock portfolios, and retirement planning. The need of the college students of all ages and economic ranges is education on surviving today !

 Today, I also visited a site I had not been to in a long time and I suggest that you visit it as well, http://www.Entrepreneur.com WOW! Their library of services has really expanded ! I phoned and talked to a service representative requesting information and commenting on the growth of the company. She told me that the economy was driving the demand for more information on ‘HOW TO’ best utilize what skills, interest and abilities they have to survive.

‘Survival’ is in fashion, and the time has come to grow your money tree, to focus on what you can control. Obviously, no one in Washington is calling daily to ask your opinion, and heaven only knows who Wall Street gurus are calling. Bottom line, if you cannot control what happens elsewhere, it is time to take control of your own actions and do it on a DAILY basis !

 If you can make money from your own personal special talent, interest or skill, then you can generate your own little economic engine…grow your own money tree!

 When you buy merchandise or services to serve your business, that means you will be stimulating economic growth as your vendors get paid. Then you will potentially need employees to fulfill your orders or assist you in your services, that creates payroll. Producing jobs and wages for employees to spend is investing more into your local economy. “What goes around comes around.”

 Now, you have a money tree growing that many people will be able to enjoy the fruit from your creation. You can change the economic climate if you focus on you and what you can control.

Visit the Entrepreneur website, I found where they had a wonderful FREE bookstore and you pay $39 for shipment of 10 books. I have never found anyone with a wider assortment of information on opportunities and options than Entrepreneur. Also check with your local college for ‘Community Classes’ like the one I will be teaching, again, resources that will empower you to become the best you can be.

Call Spectrum Resources (863) 967-0660 = SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com

Please visits all our blogs, each with different lessons that will help you live inside your income. http://MoneySavingTips.PolkVoice.com   and http://SpectrumResources.wordpress.com    and http://FinancialEducationAndOptions.blogspot.com    and http://WomanToWomanMagazine.ning.com   and….. for a 75 Day Credit Makeover visit our resource: http://CreditJusticeServices.com/?ccc=1242 to learn more.      

Your tax exempt donation to our ‘Education Fund’ mailed to: SRDC 2014 Brentwood Dr. Auburndale, FL. 33823  is always appreciated.

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