“HOW TO Turn Credit Lemons Into Sweet Lemon-aide” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

PuzzlePieceYou would have to agree, lemons and credit both normally leave a sour taste in your mouth.  Lemon-aide on the other hand is refreshing, and credit can be just as sweet if used in the right way.  The whole key is making credit work for you is again like making lemon-aide, it knowing the recipe, or rather the right ingredients as offered below !  

You have probably wondered yourself what elements make up the credit score ?  What actions bring negative reactions to the credit score ?  And how to dispute the inaccurate information placed in your credit history effectively to raise your score ?  The answers to these questions and more come from education of that particular segment of money management. You can learn for your personal use or to help others by visiting http://CreditJusticeServices.com/?ccc=1242 .

You will be visiting a gourmet shopping area that offers you ingredients that will allow you to raise your own personal credit score, or become a certified credit counselor and help others take the bitterness out of their credit history. 

Eight out of ten credit reports ( 79%) have errors that are severe enough that credit is denied, yet creditors use this information to determine if we are a risk before extending credit. Credit Justice Services ranks number four in the nation as a leader in the industry and one of the founders of NARCO = National Association of Credit Repair Organizations. It strives on excellence of service and standards in alignment with our Federal governing laws.  Education is essential to bring about change in the industry, and in personal habits as a consumer.  You can make a difference in your own household as a client in the 75 Day Credit Makeover Program , or help others turn their lemons into lemon-aide with knowledge and skills as a Certified Credit Counselor.    

Right now America is in an economic crises, the credit score determines the cost, and availability of about everything we need and do, including jobs. Professionally trained and knowledgeable consumers are essential to a positive change. Learn to save or learn to earn, take the lemons in your credit life and turn them into lemon-aide and enjoy the sweet taste of success.


 Contact Spectrum Resources (863) 967-0660 or SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com

For over seven years, Spectrum Resources has provided personal counseling in debt, credit and home ownership issues with the mission to help people learn how to live inside their income.   Spectrum Resources welcomes your tips, ideas, and opinions.

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