“Hook, Line And Sinker !” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

money You have posted a resume online, and now you are bombarded with offers. Wow what luck !  And they all offer such big pay for working at home !.  Why has Americans gone off to some stale office when so much money can be made from home ?  Well, that question came to my mind and peaked my interest wondering how many people desperate for added income would bite on these hooks. So I posted my resume online to see if I could catch a crook.

 Exploring the possibilities, one has to use logic and  common sense  determining what is real . “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t !”  After posting my resume, in one day, I got in 15 offers and they all had a different twist to the same basic theme.  I will hire you to do what ever, send you upfront X amount of dollars that you should deposit while waiting for further instructions, or my favorite is, to contact them as soon as the money is deposited.

Even though I had posted my resume, each one wanted basically the same additional information which tells you that it is a form letter.  Not a well written one at that.  Usually all the letters contained words spelled wrong or poor English.  Even though I had requested formal information that would be normally offered in legitimate job offers, no information requested was ever received by me.  Just as promised, I received a check for $2800 to forward mail from my home.

 Yes, me, a total stranger was mailed a $2,850. check. Now who would be that silly logically ?  Even though he explained it thoroughly, his story lacked logic. The post master and banker are aware of these offers almost daily. Sadly after someone has lost money due to believing in them.  

 I contacted the local police, and the post master who copied all correspondence, my first check and the envelope it came in and filed a complaint that will go to the FBI..  Then I went to the bank and filed a report with them before I deposited the check.  It was held for 11 days before clearing.   Can you believe it -the check bounced and was stamped COUNTERFEIT ! The NY employer before the required 11 days for clearance, emailed me again to find out if the check cleared.  I apparently blew my undercover status when I told him that it was counterfeit. I really doubt that he will email me again.

 My point of this expo was as an alert to know that as good as it sounds, logic must prevail. As tempting as it seems, NO ONE is going to trust a total stranger with any amount of money these days. They use counterfeit checks, counterfeit money orders, both look like the real thing, but stop and ask yourself WHY would anyone really send a stranger REAL money ?

 Just like in any sport fishing event, they used different methods , angles and bait to attract the fish.  It’s a numbers game, so the fish don’t even have to be big ones, just gullible.  The methods used are simply amazing as a hook and line, but the sinker is there if you bite.  Beware – they are out to catch you !  

Spectrum Resources is holding a contest, we are looking for your best money saving tip. Simply write in what method of saving has worked for you in our comment box. The best tip will be posted in all four blogs, and you will receive FREE two hours of counseling over issues pertaining to debt, credit or home ownership. PLUS you will receive a FREE personally autographed book titled “Hey! Where’s My Money ?” by local author Janet Shore.


Call Spectrum Resources  (863)  967-0660  for counseling in debt, credit or home ownership issues.  Email:   SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com    

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