“Cashing In On Your Talent” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

piece of puzzleYou are aware of the high 10% unemployment nationally but here is what you can do about your personal financial crises.   The commercials sing that it is time to think beyond the money, and think about personal values. As further support, found in an investment article a current trend referred to  P I E C  =  (Personal Income Earning Corridor). Basically cashing in on your personal talents using the following keys: 

               1.  Doing what you like.

               2  Act beyond money.

              3.  Work with like minded souls.

These three elements encourage self evaluation. If your household budget reflects a need for additional income, use a smart strategy, re-prioritize your goals to put more value on your happiness, and work with other people who hold the same interest and values that you do. 

If you have identified skills, special interest, hobbies, or talents that can be turned into a service business such as: photography, sewing / alterations, spots, woodworking, auto care, decorating, crafts, artistic,  being a handyman/woman, music or acting, tutoring, or even teaching a foreign language you are closer to the extra income you want and need.  

Keep your options open with business services that don’t need any special skills or talents for but are needed such as: housecleaning, house sitting, pet walking or pet setting, driving services, lawn or garden care, child or senior setting.  A consigner service could be running errands, shopping, standing in line to buy theater tickets, picking up dry cleaning, or whatever.

 A business plan will allow you to think through the necessary legal steps to establish your business, a marketing plan and a budget using examples online.  You will need to secure outside services of a bookkeeper, insurance and bonding service, and perhaps an attorney. 

Network  with like minded people in the selected market and you will cultivate and build a business that will enable you to cash in on your talents !

Spectrum Resources is holding a contest, we are looking for your best money saving tip. Simply write in what method of saving has worked for you in our comment box. The best tip will be posted in all four blogs, and you will receive FREE two hours of counseling over issues pertaining to debt, credit or home ownership. PLUS you will receive a FREE personally autographed book titled “Hey! Where’s My Money ?” by local author Janet Shore.


Call Spectrum Resources  (863)  967-0660  for counseling in debt, credit or home ownership issues.  Email:   SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com    

 For credit repair or a credit card modification program: http://CreditJusticeServices.com/?ccc=1242

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