“ How To Get Rid Of INQUIRIES ” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

questionmarksIf you have been a student of Spectrum Resource’s blogs, you know for seven years we have offered our clients and readers options. They can either use professionals like Credit Justice Services that has been one of our many trusted resources, one of the nation’s top credit repair companies found at: http://CreditJusticeServices.com/?ccc=1242   Where you would work directly with a paralegal or a certified credit counselor. 

 Or, become a good student, research and learn how to do their own credit repair. Yes, you can dispute inaccurate information found in your credit history on your own. However, one of the most common things that stumps “Do It Yourselfers” is what to do about “INQUIRIES”. Excessive inquiries on your credit report can short circuit your loan efforts with any lender.

First understand how inquiries can appear in your credit history. You opened the door for them when you applied for credit at your bank, department store, or any other creditor, and the creditors called for a report on you. A car salesman may run a credit report at ten different finance companies. He does this to see if he can get you financed before he invest any time with you on the lot or in the showroom. If he can’t get you approved for anything, then he moves onto the next prospect.

The more inquiries you have the more desperate and out of control you appear. It looks like you are having financial trouble and that makes you un-trust worthy to a creditor. To correct this problem is to contact the creditor direct in writing, and ask them for proof that you have authorized them to check your credit. IF they can’t provide proof, they have to get the inquiry taken off your report.

This is just one tip, and of course if you decide to work with professionals like Credit Justice Service’s 75 Day Credit Makeover where you get a guarantee that your score will go up, you will learn even more.

Spectrum Resources is holding a Money Saving Tip Contest and ask you provide your best tip to share with our readers. What has worked for you. Please write in our Comment Section, and if it is the best tip received, we will post it on all four of our blogs, PLUS…you will receive 2 hours of FREE counseling in debt, credit or home ownership issues, PLUS… you will receive a FREE hand autographed book titled: “Hey ! Where’s My Money ?”. 

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