‘When Less Is More’ Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

analogy You maybe a person like myself who always found interesting how old sayings of yesterday still apply today. One that especially intrigues me is ‘When Less Is More’. A combination of four words used over time in many different scenarios, but still can be applied in today’s lesson to money management, let me assist you in counting the ways.

First, over the years I’ve found as a credit risk assessment counselor, the less my clients  know about money management, the greater their debt load. Financial literacy even in its most basic form stimulates better daily money managing decisions.

Second, the less we focus on our true priorities, the more scattered we become. It seems without focusing on established goals there is an attempt to do it all, have it all, and be all things to everyone.  We have evolved into slaves of the marketing media, not thinking, just buying whatever they put before us.  To get out of debt, there has to be focus on the right priorities.

 Third, the less we purchase with cash, the more we use credit, the less attached we become to the realities of our financial structure.  Like temporary amnesia, there seems to be a mind set at the point of purchase, there is free money available and it is tomorrow’s problem to reconcile the differences.   Fact, the shrinking of dollar bills in hand promotes better decisions regarding priorities.

 Fourth, the less we set aside into an emergency fund, the more disastrous the emergency becomes when it happens.  Financial responsibility means being prepared for the unknown auto accident, death in the family,  medical issues, unemployment, or cut in pay.  All of these things can happen and to be prepared, they have to be figured into a budget now, not latter.

 ‘When Less Is More’ is a topic in debt, credit and home ownership that could fill pages.  The most important point in this lesson is to motivate you to think about how it cost less to learn money management, than to pay more through ignorance of not knowing. Again, “It’s not about how much you make, it’s what you do with what you have that makes the difference !”                                                                                                                    

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