“It’s A Personal Thing” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership


Pile of billsYou hear on the evening news what Wall Street has achieved or not achieved during the day.  You have personal financial advisors who have contacted you regarding your personal insurance and investments. You sit at the computer with your online money manager and wonder why you aren’t reaching your financial goals when you appear to be doing all the right things.   

This lesson is a focus on the portion you are in control of,  it’s about your personal daily habits. When was the last time you sewed on a button instead of throwing a perfectly good blouse or shirt into the rag box ?   The last time, you repaired a piece of furniture, or toy, or tool instead of setting it out to the curb for the trash pickup ?  Americans have become a society of ‘throw-a-ways’.  There are probably small countries that could survive on the food, clothing and household goods that Americans throw away. 

 You CAN take individual responsibility for our own financial stability.  Saving money is taking positive actions daily, and maximizing what you already have.  By being creative, and looking for ways to save money you can move forward.  Making the effort to learn what others are doing, and how you can do it. You can grow stronger as a money manager.  What you do on a daily schedule makes a big difference in achieving both your long term goals and preparing for the unexpected.    

 Start holding family board meeting to establish your in-house goals.  Assign different members to task such as researching money saving ideas that apply to your household environment and lifestyle.  Set individual goals and family goals for both short and long term which could be monthly or even quarterly, with your ultimate goal a year out.   Give recognition and rewards for achievements.   You know there is no financial planner who will  walk you through your daily activities advising you on every decision.   This portion of your financial responsibility can only be handled by you.

 Spectrum Resources provides counseling in daily money management, providing education, resources and options to those seeking financial self sufficiency.  Debt, credit and home ownership issues always comes back to you setting priorities that make a positive difference in your life.  Only you can make the decisions which truly make a difference.    

 Please leave your comments and questions, your input is important to us.                            Call ( 863) 967-0660 or email: SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com  and visit our sister blogs: http://MoneySavingTips.PolkVoice.com and a new one http://WomanToWomanMagazine.ning.com  and http://FinancialEducationAndOptions.blogspot.com  Spectrum Resources appreciates your support, write your comments and questions

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