‘Cutting Out Stress To Save Money”

Emergency FUnd

Like in most things, the more you know, the more control you have.  Emergency rooms are no different, often seen as places of confusion and chaos, however, if you understand their system, you will be in better control.

 First know that everyone has a job to do, and that includes you.  No one at a hospital hangs out the sign over their door, ‘Mind Reader’, therefore if you come into the hospital be prepared. It will help them, help you with less stress !

 No one plans on accidents, however, if your health is failing, these are signs you need to get organized.  ‘Hope for the best, but plan for the worse.  A small journal, or a piece of paper tucked into your wallet with a list all your doctors, their contact info, and the reason you are seeing them.  List all of your allergies.  Have a time line of your previous operations, and serious illnesses.  List your current medications and the dosage. 

 To be prepared to set at the payment window with your insurance info, date of birth, social security number and name and address of your employer and a next of kin.  Under stress or pain your mind can go blank even over everyday info like this.

  Organize your thoughts, so you can give clear and accurate description of your symptoms. Don’t self diagnose that is the reason you go where the professionals gather, to get their opinion, allow them to give it.   You have all your history recorded so you don’t have to clutter your mind with those details, just answer their questions clearly and don’t omit information that will help them help you.

 You are probably asking what this has to do with saving money.  Well, being prepared takes away anxiety, stress creates medical bills, and medical bills ARE debt.  The more time you spend on the property of a hospital the more it will cost you.  Like Disney World, hospital’s operating budget is based upon number of people, time on property, times X dollars selling services. DO NOT sign the admittance form until you have read it and thoroughly understand it, put a line through what you do not agree to with an initial next to it, then sign it with the words ‘under duress’ next to your name. Keep in mind over 30% off the top of most hospital bills are errors. There are things in the admittance form that no calm clear thinking person would agree to knowingly, so buyer beware !

Please feel free to comment, or ask questions, I look forward to hearing what you like or don’t like as I share with you. Please refer our blogs to your friends, family and associates. We want our lessons in personal money management to reach everyone !

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