“ How To Get Rid Of INQUIRIES ” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

September 28, 2009

questionmarksIf you have been a student of Spectrum Resource’s blogs, you know for seven years we have offered our clients and readers options. They can either use professionals like Credit Justice Services that has been one of our many trusted resources, one of the nation’s top credit repair companies found at: http://CreditJusticeServices.com/?ccc=1242   Where you would work directly with a paralegal or a certified credit counselor. 

 Or, become a good student, research and learn how to do their own credit repair. Yes, you can dispute inaccurate information found in your credit history on your own. However, one of the most common things that stumps “Do It Yourselfers” is what to do about “INQUIRIES”. Excessive inquiries on your credit report can short circuit your loan efforts with any lender.

First understand how inquiries can appear in your credit history. You opened the door for them when you applied for credit at your bank, department store, or any other creditor, and the creditors called for a report on you. A car salesman may run a credit report at ten different finance companies. He does this to see if he can get you financed before he invest any time with you on the lot or in the showroom. If he can’t get you approved for anything, then he moves onto the next prospect.

The more inquiries you have the more desperate and out of control you appear. It looks like you are having financial trouble and that makes you un-trust worthy to a creditor. To correct this problem is to contact the creditor direct in writing, and ask them for proof that you have authorized them to check your credit. IF they can’t provide proof, they have to get the inquiry taken off your report.

This is just one tip, and of course if you decide to work with professionals like Credit Justice Service’s 75 Day Credit Makeover where you get a guarantee that your score will go up, you will learn even more.

Spectrum Resources is holding a Money Saving Tip Contest and ask you provide your best tip to share with our readers. What has worked for you. Please write in our Comment Section, and if it is the best tip received, we will post it on all four of our blogs, PLUS…you will receive 2 hours of FREE counseling in debt, credit or home ownership issues, PLUS… you will receive a FREE hand autographed book titled: “Hey ! Where’s My Money ?”. 

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“There Is A Plan” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

September 25, 2009

HELP buttonYes, you know there must be a check list available for you to reach your financial goals, and you are correct !   Even though you feel you have a handle on this money management thing, you find yourself wondering if there is something you may have overlooked.

Please follow all our blogs listed below, because each contains different lessons, and each one designed to help structure a plan to achieve your financial goals.

 • First and foremost there has to be COMMITMENT TO CHANGE

Second, ‘to thine ownself be true’ assess your financial situation.

Third, is getting organized entails knowing what to keep and what to pitch. By documenting and getting rid of clutter, you can stay focused.

Fourth, is taking the organization thing a step further with assigned task, exact deadlines, methods for tracking, storing and documenting.

Fifth is knowing who and what you are up against in your credit world. That means you must pull all three credit reports and credit scores. This is your gauge of action. The higher the score the more you save. The greater your opportunities for success in your home, personal and work. Again, you must clear out the clutter, and focus on your goals.

 • Sixth, but setting your priorities, you will become a much better decision maker, and a more efficient money manager. It’s not about how much money you have, it’s about what you do with the amount of money you have that makes the difference.

Seventh, by identify what you have to work with, your assets, setting your goals, re-assessing your priorities, cleaning up your credit, you have identified your starting point and your end goal realistically.

This list could be even longer, and each point is covered in more detail throughout our lessons, so please come back often, your comments and questions are appreciated.

Check out our other blogs for more lessons that can make a positive difference. ‘The more you know, the further your money will go.’ 

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“Knowing Your Options” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

September 20, 2009

piece of puzzleThe song says, ‘knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em’ is all about understanding your options. You are aware that you do not have to pay someone to help you dispute items you see as inaccurate in your credit history. But are you aware of all the options that are involved in the process of raising your credit score ?

You maybe considering purchasing a home, a car, or some other large item and wisely decided to start the purchasing process now by cleaning up your credit. You know  you will save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan by simply raising your credit score. However, you now have your triad credit report before you and faced with the reality of WHERE to start first ?

Your challenge is to raise your credit score using the most effective and efficient methods. One option Spectrum Resources offers our clients is found at http://CreditJusticeServices.com/?ccc=1242 . Credit Justice Services is one of the nation’s top credit repair companies and it guarantees your score to be raised in their ’75 Day Credit Makeover Program’.   You working directly with a paralegal and trained certified credit counselors is one option. Even though it would be hard for you to acquire the knowledge and skills of a professional who works in the credit industry daily, the other option is you acquiring the education necessary to raise your score on your own. There is ample info on the internet.

The most important rule is NEVER tell a collection agency you are preparing to make a large purchase if you have hopes of negotiating a lower pay off amount.  They will leverage that information against you and become inflexible on settling the amount due for a lesser amount, leaving you with the impression you have no choice but to pay the full amount. Seek the advise of an attorney who specializes in these matters or seek further education in negotiating.

Know the fact that third party collection agencies pay only pennies on the dollar to purchase your debt outright from the original creditor. You should be able to settle for less than 50%, learn the process.

 There is a myth that paying off any collection accounts will lower your FICO score. The fact is paying off the RIGHT collection accounts raise scores. Knowing WHICH is the right one is the key. Another myth is that people think that once an account is paid off the negative history is gone from their history. When in fact, you have activated that account to remain on your history for another seven years.  It pays to know, invest in learning. 

Spectrum Resources has been providing education and resources for over seven years in debt, credit and home ownership matters. A trained credit counselor and/or one of our preferred resources can help you with credit repair, credit card modification or negotiation. You always have options.

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‘When Less Is More’ Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

September 16, 2009

analogy You maybe a person like myself who always found interesting how old sayings of yesterday still apply today. One that especially intrigues me is ‘When Less Is More’. A combination of four words used over time in many different scenarios, but still can be applied in today’s lesson to money management, let me assist you in counting the ways.

First, over the years I’ve found as a credit risk assessment counselor, the less my clients  know about money management, the greater their debt load. Financial literacy even in its most basic form stimulates better daily money managing decisions.

Second, the less we focus on our true priorities, the more scattered we become. It seems without focusing on established goals there is an attempt to do it all, have it all, and be all things to everyone.  We have evolved into slaves of the marketing media, not thinking, just buying whatever they put before us.  To get out of debt, there has to be focus on the right priorities.

 Third, the less we purchase with cash, the more we use credit, the less attached we become to the realities of our financial structure.  Like temporary amnesia, there seems to be a mind set at the point of purchase, there is free money available and it is tomorrow’s problem to reconcile the differences.   Fact, the shrinking of dollar bills in hand promotes better decisions regarding priorities.

 Fourth, the less we set aside into an emergency fund, the more disastrous the emergency becomes when it happens.  Financial responsibility means being prepared for the unknown auto accident, death in the family,  medical issues, unemployment, or cut in pay.  All of these things can happen and to be prepared, they have to be figured into a budget now, not latter.

 ‘When Less Is More’ is a topic in debt, credit and home ownership that could fill pages.  The most important point in this lesson is to motivate you to think about how it cost less to learn money management, than to pay more through ignorance of not knowing. Again, “It’s not about how much you make, it’s what you do with what you have that makes the difference !”                                                                                                                    

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“It’s A Personal Thing” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

September 12, 2009


Pile of billsYou hear on the evening news what Wall Street has achieved or not achieved during the day.  You have personal financial advisors who have contacted you regarding your personal insurance and investments. You sit at the computer with your online money manager and wonder why you aren’t reaching your financial goals when you appear to be doing all the right things.   

This lesson is a focus on the portion you are in control of,  it’s about your personal daily habits. When was the last time you sewed on a button instead of throwing a perfectly good blouse or shirt into the rag box ?   The last time, you repaired a piece of furniture, or toy, or tool instead of setting it out to the curb for the trash pickup ?  Americans have become a society of ‘throw-a-ways’.  There are probably small countries that could survive on the food, clothing and household goods that Americans throw away. 

 You CAN take individual responsibility for our own financial stability.  Saving money is taking positive actions daily, and maximizing what you already have.  By being creative, and looking for ways to save money you can move forward.  Making the effort to learn what others are doing, and how you can do it. You can grow stronger as a money manager.  What you do on a daily schedule makes a big difference in achieving both your long term goals and preparing for the unexpected.    

 Start holding family board meeting to establish your in-house goals.  Assign different members to task such as researching money saving ideas that apply to your household environment and lifestyle.  Set individual goals and family goals for both short and long term which could be monthly or even quarterly, with your ultimate goal a year out.   Give recognition and rewards for achievements.   You know there is no financial planner who will  walk you through your daily activities advising you on every decision.   This portion of your financial responsibility can only be handled by you.

 Spectrum Resources provides counseling in daily money management, providing education, resources and options to those seeking financial self sufficiency.  Debt, credit and home ownership issues always comes back to you setting priorities that make a positive difference in your life.  Only you can make the decisions which truly make a difference.    

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‘Cutting Out Stress To Save Money”

September 9, 2009

Emergency FUnd

Like in most things, the more you know, the more control you have.  Emergency rooms are no different, often seen as places of confusion and chaos, however, if you understand their system, you will be in better control.

 First know that everyone has a job to do, and that includes you.  No one at a hospital hangs out the sign over their door, ‘Mind Reader’, therefore if you come into the hospital be prepared. It will help them, help you with less stress !

 No one plans on accidents, however, if your health is failing, these are signs you need to get organized.  ‘Hope for the best, but plan for the worse.  A small journal, or a piece of paper tucked into your wallet with a list all your doctors, their contact info, and the reason you are seeing them.  List all of your allergies.  Have a time line of your previous operations, and serious illnesses.  List your current medications and the dosage. 

 To be prepared to set at the payment window with your insurance info, date of birth, social security number and name and address of your employer and a next of kin.  Under stress or pain your mind can go blank even over everyday info like this.

  Organize your thoughts, so you can give clear and accurate description of your symptoms. Don’t self diagnose that is the reason you go where the professionals gather, to get their opinion, allow them to give it.   You have all your history recorded so you don’t have to clutter your mind with those details, just answer their questions clearly and don’t omit information that will help them help you.

 You are probably asking what this has to do with saving money.  Well, being prepared takes away anxiety, stress creates medical bills, and medical bills ARE debt.  The more time you spend on the property of a hospital the more it will cost you.  Like Disney World, hospital’s operating budget is based upon number of people, time on property, times X dollars selling services. DO NOT sign the admittance form until you have read it and thoroughly understand it, put a line through what you do not agree to with an initial next to it, then sign it with the words ‘under duress’ next to your name. Keep in mind over 30% off the top of most hospital bills are errors. There are things in the admittance form that no calm clear thinking person would agree to knowingly, so buyer beware !

Please feel free to comment, or ask questions, I look forward to hearing what you like or don’t like as I share with you. Please refer our blogs to your friends, family and associates. We want our lessons in personal money management to reach everyone !

 A trained credit risk assessment planner can help you prepare to save money even in the hospital.  Call Spectrum Resources (863) 967-0660 or email: http://SpectrumResources.wordpress.com  or visit our other blogs, each with a new lesson: http://MoneySavingTips.PolkVoice.com  and save in your favorites,

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‘Land Mines Buried In The Small Print’

September 4, 2009

What Is A Credit CardYou are aware that as times get tougher,  the credit card companies are continually searching for new ways to increase their income. To stay ahead of the game ‘Grab The Dollars’ , even with the new laws passed with added consumer protection, you must constantly keep your eyes open for the deceitful tactics the credit card companies are still using.

 IF you use your credit card regularly it could actually raise your score!  Periodically make small  purchases, $10.00 or so, then pay it off to show activity.  Some credit card banks have contract provisions buried in that small print that takes a magnifying glass to read, if you don’t use your card for a specified period, they can charge you a fee, raise your interest rate or even cancel the card.  So DO NOT let your cards go dormant. DO NOT close an account, that hurts your debt to credit ratio and your credit scores.   IF they close your account, that also lowers your score.

 How do you pay your credit card bills ? Even if you think you are making the payment on the due date.  Phone payments made after a specific TIME may not be credited until the next day, and internet payments can take a full day or so to be processed.  Again, this information is in itsy bitsy tiny print usually buried on the back of your statements.

 You must be aware of the ‘grace period shuffle’. That is a game where they ELIMINATE the grace period on new purchases. The grace period is between the time your statement’s closing date and the due date.  Watch closely ANY changes on your statements, pull out an old statement and compare them side by side, look for the land mines buried in your monthly credit card statements.

 You may have already experienced them lowering your credit limit, even though you have never been late or missed a payment, never giving them any excuse.  They adjust your limits based upon what THEY think is right for your finances.   Americans paid nearly $30 BILLION in fees to credit card companies.  By lowering your credit limit it puts you in the ‘maxed out’ position, which will position them to collect fees. Call the card company right away, ask to talk to a supervisor to get their reason and find out their criteria for your credit limit to be restored. Protest, demand to be recognized for your record and loyalty.    

 Spectrum Resources has the mission to help you figure out how to live INSIDE your income. Contact for counseling in debt, credit and home ownership issues to learn your options and to side step the land mines the credit card companies have hidden in your monthly statements. 

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