“Let Me Entertain You”

2008704 Budgeting is a necessity we all agree,  it’s a place we don’t want to go where a lot of good stuff has to be eliminated.   Yes, you can enjoy the good times and save money too.  Let me entertain you with some ideas on how you can achieve your goals.

You can have the best of both worlds by being creative,  a budget and a life that entertains you.  Let the kid in you out to play and think outside the box, you can still get what you want without feeling deprived.  Make this an adventure exploring new ways to have fun.

 If you are single, and you like to entertain at flashier places that cater to the expensive dinner crowd. Then for you to save on money but still look good, invite your dates for a midday meal, less crowded, more romantic and yes, less expensive.  

 Another suggestion is to meet at the bar and order from the bar menu instead of the dinner menu that cost more. Be different !  Another, is to eat your main course before you go out, and invite your date out for a specialty dessert.  If you cook, invite your date over for a cook in, then go out for dessert at a special place.  

 What about a ‘brunch’ a late breakfast followed by a early noon day movie, instead of a late movie and dinner afterwards ?  A walk through a sunny local park, feed the ducks, and call it a special day with everyone’s attitude adjusted for more. Good times are shared with good company on a whole lot less money.  It’s all about attitude !

 The home body who enjoys movies but wants to cut expenses check out the free online site where you can watch all the movies you like on your computer or laptop : www.Hulu.com.  If you are into sports, instead of expensive cable premium channels watch sports on www.ESPN360.com .

You love baseball, take in live local games saving you hundreds of dollars on expensive seats. Is it particular players you watch or the game itself you enjoy ?  The hotdogs are just the same.  The same with music,  again,  is it the status of attending the symphony, or do you really love live orchestra music ?  Instead of expensive tickets to the symphony, check the local college or university’s orchestra schedule and enjoy the sounds for a lot less. Check the city’s schedule for music in the park events and take a blanket and thermos.

Of course, you may have some ideas of your own, be creative and you can entertain you on a lot less. Just know that being on a budget, having a structured plan does not mean you are denied the pleasures of life !                                    

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