“Can’t See The Forest For The Trees”

You may have heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.  More often than not, things we seek are right in front of us.  Perception is all about how we look at things.

Families who are beginning to feel the crunch go to a counselor and ask where they can find savings. Savings are just like the forest – most of the time right in front of us.  Recently, a local well known hardware store flier came in the mail, and what caught my eye as a counselor in debt, credit and home ownership issues was their marketing strategies. They were selling SAVINGS !   

Their message was timely, in today’s economy we must look at the big picture. As you can see in the following samples of their ads the store is answering the customer’s #1 question ‘WIIFM”.   Such as  for a new grill, their ad said, Save up to $750 a year ! Instead of going out for dinner, grill at home.  ( Savings based on family of four dining out one night per week.)”

 Another savings was swimming pool maintenance supplies: Save up to  $700 a year ! Do your own pool maintenance.  ( Savings based on national average cost of professional residential pool service.)”

 “Lawn Care. Save up to $900 a year ! Mow, trim and maintain your own lawn and landscape.  ( Savings based on national average cost of professional lawn service for a 70ft X 100 ft yard.)”

 Another was Pest Control. “ Save up to $300 a year !  Do your own pest control easily and affordably. (Savings based on national average of professional pest service 4 times a year.)”

 The list was long, but just these 4 things can produce $2,650.00 SAVINGS !   That is about $220.00 a month, that amount could save a home from foreclosure, a car from being repossessed. Consumer are starting to think more about value, price and savings than convenience of services performed by someone else. Now most consumers are thinking about what services they can do themselves instead of hiring it done to cut corners. The lesson here is for you to look around your home, and do the math on what you are paying others to do, and what services you can perform yourself. All savings start with priorities.  The forest is within your reach, the savings are there, they have simply been hiding behind your ‘want’ list.


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