“The Credit Bureau That You Didn’t Know About”

You are about to learn about  PRBC.  A credit reporting bureau that produces a PRBC Report’ and a ‘Bill Payment Score’ (BPS) containing your “Non-traditional” credit. Non-traditional credit maybe  payday loans, rent, utility bills, insurance, cable, daycare, child support, timely payments normally not reported, but through PRBC it is used to supplement the history in the ‘Big 3’ reports.  ‘PRBC is different from the big credit bureaus, yet very important, because each and everyone has ‘Non-traditional’ credit that is not being taken into consideration when we make application for a loan or credit.   

PRBC‘  is the ONLY credit bureau that allows you to self-enroll to demonstrate how responsible you are on debts that are not normally reported to the other bureaus.  You can show that you have paid your bills on time, consecutively, for up to the past three years.  This bureau like the others holds your information for seven years. However, this bureau  does not charge you a fee to view your information !  Another really good point is PRBC also does not sell your private information to solicitors, telemarketers, direct mail firms, or for research purposes like the others.

PRBC is funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation, and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Citimortgage are major subscribers. This means if you are a young person just building credit, an immigrant, a recently widowed or divorced woman, or simply a consumer who has traditionally operated on a ‘cash only’ basis, and  wanting to build credit, these subscribers will see your ‘Non-Traditional” credit history.

You can use this credit reporting bureau to build your credit history.  You deserve recognition for paying your rent, insurance, phone cable, day care, child support and utilities on time.  Even positive payments to payday advance loans can be reported on your behalf !

Creditors look for credit worthiness. They want consumers who have shown responsibility.  Creditors are taking a risk and realize there are good people who are making timely payments, and not all are dealing with just banks and bank credit cards.   This bureau can save you thousands of dollars on an auto loan, car insurance, and applying  for utility hook-ups and phone service !

You can enroll in the PRBC service at no charge by visiting www.prbc.com and select ‘ENROLL NOW.   Insist your positive bill payment history in PRBC be counted in your favor when you apply for a lease, mortgage, auto loan, credit card, utility hook-up, phone service , insurance and employment  by using the sample statement shown on the website. 

As promised, Spectrum Resources continues to provide resources and options to you to save money.  Please come back to: http://SpectrumResources.wordpress.com  often and tell your friends about our site and to add us in “Favorites” .  Also visit our sister blog: http://MoneySavingTips.PolkVoice.com  .  If you have a website -Link us up to have your own personal credit risk assessment planner providing ongoing education in debt credit and home ownership issues.  Email back:  SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com or call (863)967-0660

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As a fund raiser we have the opportunity to offer, ” HEY! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?” a little 128 page book filled with big insight into daily money management written by local author Janet Shore. “HEY! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?” regularly sells for $12.95, but as a fund raiser Spectrum Resources offers it with a tax exempt donation of $10.00 including shipping,  in the form of a money order mailed to Spectrum Resources 2014 Brentwood Dr. Auburndale, FL. 33823 or through www.Checkman.com/pay4it/12985 a online checking payment service.

Ms. Shore’s book “HEY ! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?” is an easy to read and easy to follow instructional and motivational book. This could be a great gift for a young adult entering the responsibility world of debt and credit, and at the same time supporting our educational efforts. Please help us help others in providing financial literacy, all tax exempt donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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