“Hit The Pause Button On Your Foreclosure”

                                                 You Can Pause Foreclosure

You must first come to the understanding that the banks are not in business to make you happy, they are there to make money. To hit the pause button on your foreclosure, educate yourself as to what REALLY has been happening across the nation between the home owners, the banks and the court system.

When FDIC can announce that over 90% of mortgages in America are riddled with fraud, why does it come to so many a surprise that they  have been a victim?   Pop yourself a big bowl of popcorn, get a large ice tea and set back to watch the many movies shown on the website www.YouTube.com on ‘mortgage fraud’, or ‘lost mortgage note’.  This is only the beginning to your education, but what I have found to be one of the best reality checks.  

Florida is severely hit with foreclosures. I work as a foreclosure prevention counselor in one of the largest counties in the state.    Most people are totally naive when it comes to the corruption of the banks. Most people that are losing their homes only know what the lender has told them, they don’t know of the many facts that were not shared at the closing table.  They don’t know what a large portion of Americans has learned about the structuring of mortgages and money in the banking system.  They only know that the home that houses their family, the place they have invested time and money in is slipping through their fingers. 

You can get relief through education. Research online at Google by typing in the name of your state plus the words ‘statutes regarding mortgage notes’.  There are laws in place that can protect the home owner discover them. You can pay others or you can invest time and learn first hand, then take that knowledge to someone who can help you use it.    In fact there are several laws in place to pause your foreclosure.  Google “TILA Q & A ” and read how it can help you expose the fraud and keep you in your home.  There is the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act as well. You have protection,  there are options that give you a chance to come up with a Plan B.  Time to have all your loan documents from your closing audited to count the ways you have been a victim of fraud.  Time to raise money to file a lawsuit against the bank for being so dishonest in their dealings with you

You will discover that the more ways you are a victim, the more chances you have to be keep your home and negotiate a deal that could make you very happy.

You can find answers to how a letter can bring everything to a stop and also lay ground work creating a paper trail that will support your case.  Check out http://LivingLies.wordpress.com for more answers.

Spectrum Resources has one mission and that is to help you learn how to live inside your income.  By pushing the pause button on your foreclosure, you can regroup your thinking. Restructure your lives and come through this transitional period.   Come back often and check out our other blog @ http://MoneySavingTips.PolkVoice.com and email us at: SpectrumResources@tampabay.rr.com or call (863) 967-0660.

As a fund raiser we have the opportunity to offer, ” HEY! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?” a little 128 page book filled with big insight into daily money management written by local author Janet Shore. “HEY! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?” regularly sells for $12.95, but as a fund raiser Spectrum Resources offers it with a tax exempt donation of $10.00 including shipping,  in the form of a money order mailed to Spectrum Resources 2014 Brentwood Dr. Auburndale, FL. 33823 or through www.Checkman.com/pay4it/12985 a online checking payment service.

Ms. Shore’s book “HEY ! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?” is an easy to read and easy to follow instructional and motivational book. This could be a great gift for a young adult entering the responsibility world of debt and credit, and at the same time supporting our educational efforts. Please help us help others in providing financial literacy, all tax exempt donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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