“Education, Options, & Resources !”

Spectrum Resources is going WORLD WIDE through the efforts of www.Wordpress.com.  If you have been looking for a personal risk assessment planner who offers real solutions to daily money management problems – EUREKA !  Spectrum Resources, is a 7 year old 501c3 educational organization that assist families daily meeting their own unique problems will be offering you, along with them education, options and resources = solutions !

Through this amazing communicative tool www.Wordpress.com as a regular reader/student,  you will be entertained and enlightened at the not to widely known strategies and techniques in dealing with creditors.  You will learn to structure a personal spending plan that will get you out of debt AND raise your credit score at the same time.  How to stay in your home after missing several house payments. Spectrum Resources is a major consumer advocate organization who always encourages all who come looking for assistance in attaining financial self sufficiency to research their consumer rights, then exercise them.  The belief that if you don’t know your rights you have none play a big part in the offering of  ‘education, options and resources’ .   

This is NOT a blog giving financial planning advice, nor giving legal advice. It is an educational effort designed to introduce you to the logic in matters that concern you daily, and  motivate you to increase your skills to make better money management decisions.

Spectrum Resources is not funded by any grant or large corporate entity.  It is funded through service fees and appreciative tax-exempt donations paid through a money order mailed to Spectrum Resources  2014 Brentwood Dr., Auburndale, FL. 33823 or through a online check acceptance system: www.Checkman.com/pay4it/12985

Janet Shore, a local author has made available for a fund raising project her most recent book titled: “Hey! Where’s My Money ?”   This little 128 page book provides big information and is a $12.95 value offered to you for a tax exempt donation of only $10.00 and that includes shipping.  To order this dynamic HOW TO book as a way to help us help others, send your tax exempt donation to the address above or through the online checking service. 

I will leave you with this thought: “Remember, it’s not about how much you make, it what you do with what you have….that makes the difference.”

Come back and visit us often.

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